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These are great places to visit. Our world is home to amazing places, some naturally made while some are built by the hands of humans. Some of the places are mentioned in this article that include both of these. From the mountains of Switzerland to the valleys and oceans of the Maldives. From the Cathedrals of Rome and Italy to the high rising buildings in the scorching deserts of Dubai. The world is full of diversity and beauty we just need to take a leap of faith and head out into the world. All inclusive vacation packages with airfare included 10 places

Only 10 of such beautiful places are listed here.

They really are a must visit before you die. So pack your bags, grab your gear, take your family and friends and enjoy life to the fullest by visiting these places because the memories you make there cannot be found in any book nor on the internet.

We live on a floating blue marble that we call home. It really is a beautiful place; with endless oceans, vast deserts and soaring mountains. Then there are some places that have been made beautiful by man himself. Even if we look back to our ancestors, we see structures that seem to defy logic. How could they have built these amazing structures without the advancements in technologies? Seeing at structures like the “Great Wall of China”. The “Pyramids of Giza” and the “Roman Colosseum” one can’t help but wonder about the difficulties in their construction. Coming forward to our age, we have built bridges that soar above the clouds, buildings that soar so high they seem to defy all laws of physics and what to talk of the underwater structures as well.

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There are some places in the world which take our breath

The fact of the matter is that whether they may be made naturally or by humans whether a thousand years ago or just recently, all of these things have their special place and cannot by compared with each other. While one place may lack in one thing, it more than makes up for it in another department.

As you may have understood by now, there are some places in the world which take our breath away every time we see them and if you have not seen them still then waste no more time. Here is a list of the top 10 holiday destinations where you will not only find amazing places to see but also peace of mind and body:


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Dubai on a shoestring budget

Let us start the journey by a trip to the Middle East. The first destination on any one’s list has to be Dubai. The most populous and perhaps the most famous state in the United Arab Emirates. Surrounded on three sides by land and by the Persian Gulf on one side. This is a culturally rich place to visit. It offers both the extremes of the hot desert and the cool sea in one place.

It is quite astounding to see that just three decades has transformed this place from virtually nothing to the top tourist destination of the world. In terms of the number of visiting tourists. Despite the relatively hot weather that is found in Dubai, the city never sees a drop in tourists around the year. Come day time the beaches and the man made islands are filled with tourists.  Come night; the malls, restaurants and other worth seeing buildings become the centre of attention.

Backbone of Dubai is its tourism industry

The literal backbone of Dubai is its tourism industry.  They are certainly on the right path as of today. Housing perhaps the first seven star hotel namely “Burj Al Arab”. Thr Burj rests on a 280 meter artificial island that is 230 meters deep into the sea. The hotel which resembles the sail of a floating yacht is 320 meters tall itself. It is the third tallest in the world. It also boasts a “Sky View Bar”, a restaurant that gives the feeling of virtually floating in the sky due to its glass walls. Going to the opposite extreme, it also houses an underwater restaurant which allows visitors to dine while fish swim outside the glass walls.

“Palm” and the “World” islands

Then come the “Palm” and the “World” islands. The palm islands are a set of two identical man made islands that resemble the shape of a palm tree and contain hotels and malls of their own. The “World” island is actually a collection of smaller islands which, when looked upon from a height resemble the map of the world, hence the name. Also worth mentioning is the fact that both the palm and the world islands offer houses for buying and staying so it makes for a relay good retirement home don’t you think?

The “Burj Khalifa”

Then comes perhaps the most iconic structure that Dubai has to offer. The “Burj Khalifa” which is the tallest building ever made by human hands. Soaring at the astonishing height of 830 meters, it is so tall that you can see the sun set twice on the same day! Once on the base and then moving to the upper floors where the sun has not yet set. These places along with perhaps hundreds more make Dubai a worth visiting place for the entire family.


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New York on a shoestring budget

Sitting on the west coast of United States of America is perhaps the most famous city on the planet. It has been showcased in countless movies and documentaries, is home to hundreds of celebrities and politicians and is one of the most widely visited places of the world. Someone truly said it the New York City does not sleep! There are many places that you can and should visit on your trip to the city and we will quote a few here.

The “Statue of Liberty” and Empire State Building

The first and foremost thing that comes to anyone’s mind when we hear New York is perhaps the “Statue of Liberty”. Erected in New York harbor, the statue stands 46 meters and is the symbol of American independence. Then comes the Empire State Building in Manhattan. A 103 story building which, at the time of its, construction was the tallest structure in existence. Then comes the “Central Park” which is a huge 3.41 km2 park smack. Right in the middle of Manhattan and is surrounded by hundreds of skyscrapers on all sides. The park hosts grounds, flower gardens, a zoo and even a lake.

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London vacation packages with airfare

The capital of the United Kingdom. London is a city in southern England and is the political hub of the country. With a population of 8.674 million as of 2015, the city is not so densely populated and attracts a lot of tourists from all over the globe.

“Buckingham Palace” and “Big Ben”

Some of the most famous sightseeing places in London include the “Buckingham Palace”, the home of the Queen of England and her family. The changing of guards at the palace is a sight worth seeing. Then comes the iconic “Big Ben” and the Parliament building. It is huge clock mounted on a tower that has found its way in a lot of pop culture and movies. Just alongside it, on the bank of the river Thames sits Europe’s largest observation wheel namely the “London Eye”, a ride on the wheel is a truly memorable experience.

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Switzerland vacation packages with airfare

Moving onto some natural beauty, there is perhaps no better place than Switzerland to truly admire the natural beauty of our planet. A very famous country in Europe, Switzerland is home to the infamous Swiss banks that hold the resources of a lot of the rich and famous. Apart from that, Switzerland is gifted in terms of natural beauty. Though the entire country is so beautiful, here are some places that you must visit once you land there.

The “Swiss Alps” and the Rhine Falls

The “Swiss Alps” that is a part of the largest mountain range system in the world. It is a miracle of beauty and elegance. The mountainous system attracts hundreds of mountaineers from all over the globe.  You can also visit just for the fun of it. Then comes the Rhine Falls, which is the tallest water fall in all of Europe. It is located near the city of Schaffhausen. Apart from that you must visit Lake Geneva which holds the largest fountain of the world. Also has some enchanting museums and amazing restaurants.

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Paris in France flight and hotel packages

The capital city of France, Paris has a rich history and culture. It was also a focal point of both World War One and World War Two and suffered the wrath of the Germans in all its glory but that did not stop it from progressing just as fast and becoming one the most visited places in the world.

“Eiffel Tower” and “The Louvre”.

The jewel of the crown has to be the infamous “Eiffel Tower” in central Paris. The wrought iron structure 300 meters high is a great place to visit and offers a panoramic view of the entire city. Then comes “The Louvre”. A museum famous for owning the world famous “Mona Lisa” painting and many more.

If you are feeling really brave then also consider visiting the famous “Catacombs of Paris” beneath the city. The catacombs are fairly long and wide with mazes of intertwining paths and dead ends but only a section of about 1 mile is open to the public. The entire system is lined with thousands of human skulls and bones that decorate the walls and no one is quite sure where, how and when did they come from. Some people call it the gate to hell but it still is a very popular tourist destination none the less.

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Vacation packages to Rome all inclusive

The capital city of Italy, Rome is both the financial and the political hub of the country. It is also a major tourist attraction that still attracts thousands of tourists every year. Rich in Greek history and mythology the city offers a lot of heritage that has been preserved.

Roman Colosseum

The most famous place to visit here has to be the Roman Colosseum, a giant spherical arena that was built by the Romans and was also used by them for the famous gladiator fights, mock sea battles and famous duels to the death. Though not used today because of its old age, the Colosseum is still a major tourist attraction and can be visited all around the year. Along with the Colosseum there is also the Pantheon which was also built in the Roman era and has been restored for public viewing. There are numerous buildings, museums, churches and cathedrals which are also worth the visit.

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All inclusive vacation packages to Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia. Located in Spain, it is the second most densely populated city of the country.  It was built by the Romans for their use. Later it became part of the Kingdom of Spain. It was never made the capital of it despite its size, population and heritage. That title goes to Madrid which is also the current capital of the country. Those differences aside, there is no doubt that Barcelona is the most widely toured city. The tourist hotspot of the country. Though there are many places to visit on your tour to the country, some of the outstanding landmarks are discussed here.

The “Sagrada Familia”

Firstly let us talk about the icon of Barcelona, the “Sagrada Familia”. The building is the international symbol for Barcelona and is really famous. The building is still under construction and is estimated to be completed in 2026 to 2028 but that does not mean that it is still closed. It is open to the public as the majority of the work has been done. Just some of the towers remain to grow to their full height. What’s more is that you can also help to fund this as all the fees collected from the entrance ticket go into funding the project. A beautiful building to see that sits in the middle of the city center and dwarfs every other building around. This is due to its immense height of 170 meters.

It is a cathedral at heart

It is a cathedral at heart but the building is open for visit for anyone from any religion. Then comes the second most iconic place in the city. Whenever we hear the word the first thought that comes to us is not about the architecture of the city. Nor any building like the Sagrada Familia. But rather what almost all of us imagine is “Football Club Barcelona” or FCB for short. Being one this richest football clubs in the world and most successful.  FC Barcelona’s home stadium the “Nou Camp” is also located in Barcelona. Home to majestic footballers like Maradona, Ronaldinhio and Messi, the place is the center for a FCB fan. The stadium itself is no short of a wonder as it can seat 99,354 spectators.  Just shy of the 100,000 mark making it the second largest football stadium in terms of capacity.

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All inclusive vacation packages to Venice

Of all the places in our list, this has to be the most different. Venice is a city located in Italy which is actually a collection of about 117 small islands connected by canals and bridges. The thing that makes this place different from the others is the fact the only mode of transport there is boat or a bicycle. No cars, no busses and no motor bikes. Canoes and small boats are all that the people of Venice use to move about from place to place. While this is an attraction in itself there are some other places that you can visit on your trip there.

 “Saint Mark’s Basilica”

One of the most widely visited places and one that you must visit on your trip is the “Saint Mark’s Basilica” that is a cathedral of Roman Catholic origins. It is the most famous of the country’s churches and is one of the finest examples of Italo-Byzantine architecture. The building is a very beautiful to look at and is erected with towers and domes at its roof.

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Hong Kong airfare and hotel package

Though many people think of Hong Kong as an independent country; after all it does have its own flag and national anthem, that perception is incorrect. What Hong Kong is an “Autonomous territory” or a dependent territory as some call it. This basically means that it is under the control of the People’s Republic of China and is an integral part of it but it still remains outside the governing country’s political and strategic policies. That is why when we refer to Hong Kong, we are actually referring to a state of China not an independent country.

 “Hong Kong Disneyland”

Coming over to some places to visit in the city, the first and foremost place to visit has to be the “Hong Kong Disneyland” which is an iconic amusement park with themed lands that is a fun trip for the whole family. You can visit sights related to your favorite Disney characters and have fun on the rides as well. Then there is the “Victoria Peak” which is just outside the city and offers a wide panoramic view of the entire city in all its grandeur. A cable car will take you to the top of the peak where you can watch the spectacular scene in all its glory.

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Vacation packages to Maldives all inclusive

The last place on our list is the rather small island country of Maldives. The Island is located southwest of Sri Lanka and India. With an area of a meagre 298 km2 it doesn’t look like much. However any of your doubts will get blown away once you visit the place. The capital of the country is the city of Mele. It is also known as “King’s Island”. Before we talk about the places that you can visit, it is worth noting that with the recent rise in global warming.  The subsequent sea levels, scientists predict that Maldives will be the first country to be fully submerged underwater if the threat of global warming is not attended to.

“Fua Mulaku”, Kudahuvadhoo” and the “”

Speaking of places to visit, you must visit the beaches there. There are plenty to choose from in that regard. Starting from the “Fua Mulaku” and going all the way to “Kudahuvadhoo”. Add the “Mirihi Islands” you will find plenty of beaches to refresh your mind. Aside from those, consider the adventure of scuba diving that is also available on many of the country’s beaches. Then there is the “Grand Friday” Mosque in Mele.  This is the biggest mosque not only the city but also the country. There are also many museums that you can visit. Try to familiarize yourself with the rich cultural heritage of the country.

All inclusive vacation packages with airfare included 10 places

The above mentioned places are just 10 of the countless places that the world has to offer. All we need to do is observe with a watchful eye to watch the magic as it unfolds all around us. Try these holidays have great saving.

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