Driving Instructors Progress Reports for Professionals

History of how far we’ve improved in travel.

There was a time not that long ago, perhaps going back just four or five generations from today will get us to the time period in question. That was a time when no one would have ever believed that you could travel over water on a thing made of metal. Who thought that you could soar through the air in a bird made of metal? Intercity travel in a matter of hours instead of days become an everyday activity!. Those were the days when modern transportation as we know it today did not exist. People hardly left their own cities, what to say about their states or countries.

The industrial revolution and our cars!

Then came along the industrial revolution which led to a transportation boom! Cars came to the streets and not soon after became the rulers of it. Starting from humble beginnings, the cars of today have gotten faster and safer. From the most common sedan to SUVs and to those magnificent beasts of the road that we call super cars.

The cars and how to use them correctly.

But for now let us leave aside those beasts of the road and focus on what we encounter on the daily basis. Traffic and loads of it. With the ever increasing number of cars on the road, our roads have become smaller and smaller and it is not only a hassle to the pedestrians but also can be quite a health hazard.

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The need for a driving test

Keeping that in view, there must always be criteria which should be met by anyone and everyone that steps on the road with a motor vehicle. That criterion is met when you achieve your driving licence. A license is an undertaking by the state that the person behind the wheel is fit for driving a car or a motor cycle without him being any harm to himself or the others around him. Owning a driving license makes you eligible for driving only a particular type of vehicle. If you obtain a license for your car, it still forbids you to drive a motor cycle, bus or truck on the streets. For such a facility you must obtain your license separately for each mode of transport. It is in everyone’s interest to learn how to drive correctly.

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Preparing for a driving test with Professional Driving Instructors

Getting a valid driver’s license is not a walk around the park either. It cannot be attained on your own! It is quite a difficult task which not everyone can achieve without proper preparation. Thankfully, to help you prepare and allow you to allow you to pass your driver’s license test easily and without a hitch there are Professional Driving Instructors. They will help you to prepare yourself better for independent driving and the following test.

The Department of Transport Monitor Instruction and Recommendations.

The Departments of Transport created a programme has been purposely developed for the benefit of both the instructor and the student. The programme has been divided into a number of sections and portions to cover every aspect of driving in a detailed and yet easy to explain and understand manner. The sections and layout within this programme have been carefully organised to make maximum use of each lesson and record information meticulously.

As an ADI tutor the role includes preparing candidates for all elements of safe driving and that of the test. They have check tests to keep the stand uniform.

Professional Instructors Keep Student Records

In aim to fulfil the responsibility of an instructor, a record needs to be kept. In view of that, we will comment and explain ‘The Professional Driving Instructors Progress Reports’ manner of driver student improvement and recording.

‘The Professional Driving Instructors Progress Reports’ will help the instructors to organise preparation for lessons prior to actually delivering them and it will also ensure that all aspects of the test are covered by the instructors before the lesson is delivered and the students take the test.

Not only that but it also allows the student to keep track of his or her progress by the progress reports. It leaves behind a trail of every student’s achievement along with their learning journey.

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A Universal System for all motor vehicle training.


‘The Professional Driving Instructors Progress Reports’ has been designed but is not confined to being used by car driving instructors which is the most common sort of transport but it can also be used by ADI’s, HGV instructors, motorcycle instructors and any other vehicle teacher who may find it beneficial. It includes all the technicalities and the specialized material related to all the modes of transports including the DSA DL25C topics. The proper usage of this book by both the instructor and the student will greatly improve the confidence of students as well as improve the teaching methods of the instructors.

Comfortable to carry and keep

Comparing to other books that can fall under this genre, ‘The Professional Driving Instructors Progress Reports’ itself is fairly large which allows for maximum space per page for the instructor without it being a hindrance in understanding whilst teaching or being utterly uncomfortable to handle. The big size also accounts for more material to be encapsulated with in a single book. So one book is needed by the instructor for many students rather than having separate cards for each student.

As mentioned earlier, the book is fairly large in size so to counteract the excessive weight that can be associated with the book, it comes with a soft-back in place of a hard one. Being light weight, the book is also perfect for instructors to carry with them on the daily basis.

Great Value for the comfort and peace it provides.

Coming over to the amount lessons that are included in the book, the book can be used for 25 students at once. This also includes recordings for 20 lessons each which make for a total of 500 lessons! Keeping in view this high number of lessons if we compare the price to the number of lessons in it and divide them, we see that the price per lesson is almost negligible making the book not only a must have for its intellect level but also because the price is very much within the reach of everybody.

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Image of professionalism, concern and consistency to the pupil

The resulting peace of mind and reassurance is unimaginable. It takes only a few seconds to fill out with over 60 box markings. Its use is undisputable in giving the image of professionalism, concern and consistency to the pupil as it helps in understanding the tasks much easily and quickly. But the book not only concerns itself with a teacher to pupil interaction rather it also works the other way around as it provides the student the most important part of value to your lessons. The feedback at the end!

It reassures the student about their improvement

This may only be a little addition to the book in terms of the pages it consumes but the impact punch that it provides is a massive one. It reassures the student about their improvement in all aspects. In short, the student can actually see themselves improving. It also helps the student to build confidence in his or her skill set but it also enhances the student’s faith in the potential and ability of the instructor.

At the start of the lesson, the instructor and student can go over the last lessons, (whether that lesson was a day ago or a month ago) because of the daily log that can be filled during each lesson, see what was done and what is to be done. Because of this, nothing left to memory as it relieves the instructor of having to remember so much of so many students and also give the student a chance to glance back at old lectures should they be needed any time in the future.

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Driving theory test and practical test records

How often it is that students and instructor need to record tests and amendments to test booking and dates? This book makes that easy to see and record. It has beautifully laid out sections just for that!

‘The Professional Driving Instructors Progress Reports’ gives a perfect way of keeping track of the student’s general information and their lesson progress from their very first lesson until they pass their test! This would help the instructor to point out the areas of strengths of each student as well as helping him in finding out the grey areas associated with any particular student. More emphasis can be given in that region to allow the student to flourish even more.

The quick evaluation at the end

The instructor will record the student’s progress during the course of the lessons in a quick and easy manner and the student can acknowledge their improvement. The student will be made aware of what they are capable of, what they are working on and what needs to be done before the big day.

General Overview of the contents and layout:

As mentioned earlier, the recording is divided into several portions and parts. Let’s take a look at those very portions. The book can generally be divided into the following portions:

Student S Personal Details: Record the student’s details. (And sight test)
Theory Test: Track student’s theoretical knowledge.
Driving Test: Track student’s practical driving test.

As for the portions related to the teacher’s evaluation, the book has the following portions reserved for the teacher’s evaluation:

Record information for 20 lessons per student.

Grade students progress every lesson on over 60 topics on a scale of 1 to 9.

Extra space to add personal notes.

Topics Recorded:

The topics within this book are quite diverse yet all of them are linked to different aspects of driving and the rules one has to abide by when bringing a vehicle on the road. The lessons have been thoroughly presented to ensure every skill has been covered. These cover observation, control and accuracy.

This will reassure the instructor that they have taught the student every skill that they needed to learn that will make them a good and responsible driver as well as allowing them to appear in the test more confidently knowing that they have covered all the aspects of the test. It will also put the student at ease and they are made aware of their targets and what they have covered and where work still needs to be put it.


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The primary topics covered to pass the driving test

The primary topics covered are as follows. These also have subtopics for concise and marking:

Use of Controls
Use of signals
Observations, control, accuracy
Traffic lights
Road position/markings
Confidence building
Test routes covered and Mock tests

Grading System:

Another aspect of the book is the grading system that will eventually dictate whether a student is good enough to appear in the test with any hope of passing. Student’s performance in each of the 60+ subtopics are graded on a scale from 1 to 9. This allows the instructor to note the student’s performance from the last lesson and, as mentioned earlier. It will also help to point out any grey areas so the teacher and the pupil can work on the skills that need improving. As well as noting the student’s progression in each field until the student is confident and ready for their test; it also allows students to be aware of what they need to improve on and whether some topics need persistent improvement and skills they have learnt well.

The aim of the grading system is to have consistent ‘9’s’

The aim of the grading system is to have consistent ‘9’s’ or to get as close as possible to that target in all the subtopics to prepare the student for independent driving.

0-9 of the grading system represents the following if we are speaking broadly:

1 – Introduction to the topic, explanation, use of diagrams, fully dependent on instructor.
2 – Demonstration, student needs full talk through to carry out instructions.
3 – Manages with instructions, verbal help and physical intervention needed.
4 – Manages with instructions verbal help, little physical intervention.
5 – Manages with instructors help, no physical intervention.
6 – Manages with little verbal help.
7 – Manages without verbal help, quickly corrects self when asked.
8 – Understands the task, needs very little or no help.
9 – Very high standard, independent and self confident, no help needed. Test standard.

The student and instructor will agree to the high standard expected. This advanced manner of grading avoids ant misunderstanding. The student will easily agree with the instructor that the “grade” recorded is applicable to them.

The higher the score, the most test ready a student

As can be clearly seen, the higher the score, the most test ready a student is and the less attention is required of the instructor/teacher. This also helps students so they can get the attention of the teachers more than those who are near the perfect score of 9 in all the sub fields of the book.

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A “complete progress” reports used by the professional instructors

This book is a “complete progress” reports used by the professional instructors. Nothing is left out. It is applicable for car, HGV and motorbike training. Using this book will give the instructor joy and pleasure of being satisfied that they have done all they could to provide the best teaching experience. It will most certainly be a pleasure to learn and teach with. A must have aid! Highly recommended.

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