Phone Holder and Non Stick Mat for ADI’s.

Phone Holder and Non Stick Mat for ADI’s.

Two very important aids to present a professional and safe environment for driving instructors. Allows the instructor to concentrate and keep hands free. These Phone Holder and Non Stick Mat for ADI’s are a great help.

Phone Holder for ADI  Dashboard Car.

Phone Holder and Non Stick Mat for ADI's. prime products hubThe latest and updated with convenient one-press mounting system.

Attach to the clean dashboard or a even flat surface. It is easily detachable. Super Sticky Gel Pad : This car dashboard base can be returned to its unblemished usual condition by simply rinsing it with warm water. Easy Lock and quick release : Updated, modern and convenient one-press mounting system makes it a joy to use. You can easily releases the suction mounts with a single press on the back. Very helpful.

Updated and convenient one-press mounting system.

Two-step Locking Lever  360° Rotation : Ensures your car bracket can be used on many  diverse surfaces. Updated and convenient one-press mounting system. Flexible two-section arm setting the height and the distance between the mobile phone and the user.  Comes with a Lifetime Warrant. The manufactures aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Highly recommended by many. When getting fair bit of bumping around, as all driving instructor do, it stays put and holds phone well. Able to adjust almost any angel. A great way to keep hands free and reduce distraction. In Car Holder Sticky Pad Gadget Mat For Mobile Phone iPhone and car phone holder.

Sat Nav Tom-tom GPS Rubber Dash Board Non Stick Mat

Sat Nav Tomtom GPS Rubber Dash Board Non Stick prime products hub. Phone Holder and Non Stick Mat for ADI'sHolds Tom-tom seamlessly and securely.

The size of GPS should not be over 5” It should be placed on a flat dashboard. Great rubber mat for keeping tom tom on the dash and secured. Price is great and the  quality outstanding. Strong enough as it  doesn’t budge on emergency stop. A good product at an economical price. In fact it works very well. An ideal requirement for sat navs and the driving test.

Suitable for use with many makes of sat nav.

Brand new rubber non-slip dash board mat, for in car GPS Sat Nav’s . Nice size. Measures 20 x 16cm.  Mount your sat nav on the dash board rather than on the windscreen. It is great as it does not leave any tell-tale marks on the windscreen. Keeps your vision of the road unobstructed. It can be easily re-positioned.  Suitable for use with all makes of sat nav.

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Phone Holder and Non Stick Mat for ADI