Katy Perry Royal Revolution and Davidoff Cool Water Wave

The right fragrance can add to the personality of a woman. There are plenty of perfumes and fragrances which can help you in adding a feminine touch to your personality. These two perfumes are renowned for class and quality. We start with Katy Perry Royal Revolution.

Katy Perry Royal Revolution Eau De Parfum

Katy Perry Royal Revolution Eau De Parfum prime products hubKate perry is a pretty wel-known big brand with a great reputation and standing  when it comes to fragrances. Moreover, the Royal collection  is actually the limited edition perfume of the brand. They preserve their identity and market position.  Thius limited edition not only makes for a good perfume to have but it also makes for an excellent gift item as well.

The combination and mixture of notes in this perfume is quite unique and exceptional. Some of the notes include:

•Orange flower
•Jasmine petals
•Pink Freesia

Katy Perry Royal Revolution consist of an amazing and special floral fragrance.

It consists of the organic fragrances. Therefore, needless to say, when you’re applying this perfume, it would consist of an amazing and special floral fragrance. The only downside to this particular perfume is that it lasts for a shorter period of time.  Its effect is short lived. Therefore, if you’re planning on wearing it for most of  the day, you would have to reapply it often. The bottle in itself is pretty artistic and creative. It is in the short shape of a droplet. Also, the artistic bottle and its size ensures that you can easily use it as a gift item as well. It is inexpensive too. It comes in the 100 ML packaging which can last for a pretty long period of time though.

The fragrance in itself is pretty crisp.

The fragrance in itself is pretty crisp but over a period of time, it can easily vanish which is not a good option. Thus, if you’re looking for a perfume for a shorter duration of time, this one is a good option but if you’re looking for one which can last throughout the day, for several hours than maybe you should look to choose one from the other few options which we have discussed and commented.

Katy Perry Royal revolution- 50ml and 30ml.

It is an irresistible floral fragrance inspired by the beauty of blue diamond. The make up is floral with slightly fruity smell. This gentle floral perfume for women opens with the fruity scent of pomegranate, sweetened with blackthorn and freshened by pink freesia. Katy Perry Royal Revolution is the third fragrance that was created in collaboration with Coty. Royal Revolution by Katy Perry became the third scent which was formulated in association with Coty.

•Great packaging and ideal gift item
•Floral notes
•Artistic and creative bottle

•Does not last for a long time.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave Femme Eau De Toilette

Davidoff Cool Water Wave Femme Eau De Toilette. prime products hubThe one perfume which we would be speaking about is cool water for women. Cool water is a sub-niche perfume which is famous in men’s category as well. Davidoff has made a great name for itself and a market leader when it comes to perfumes. Whether we’re discussing about men’s perfumes or whether you’re speaking about women’s perfume, it has created a unique brand for itself. It is undoubtedly a famous and recognized top rated brand.

The cool water for women consists of notes like:


This design of perfume was to present a perfume which is as pure as water.

The bottle of the perfume is tear -shaped and can hold a good quantity of  100 ML of perfume. It is nice sized. The idea behind this design of perfume was to present a perfume which is as pure as water. The fragrances combined provide you with a juicy as well as fresh fragrance which is seductive in nature as well. The Ocean blue color of the perfume makes it much more sophisticated as well as elegant and chic . The smell is also pretty crisp and distinct which ensures that it is easily noticeable as well. The noticeable smell ensures that you are able to gather attention.

It is pretty affordable and good value for money as well.

As a plus point, this perfume also last for a longer period of time which ensures that once you apply it, it can last for hours and throughout the day without any issues. Moreover, as is evident from the category in which it is, it is pretty affordable and good value for money as well. This ensures that you do not have to break the bank in order to grab this perfume. The packaging of the perfume is equally good which ensures that you are able to use it as a gift item as well. The attractive and beautiful bottle adds to the value of the gift.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave woman 100ml and 200ml

Experience the fresh sensation of Davidoff Cool Water Woman. Like a modern mermaid emerging from the sea in a wave of freshness. Cool Water Wave for Woman is an eau de toilette spray that is described as “feminine expression of Cool Water” that is full of personality and sensuality. Ladies’ fragrance from Davidoff Fresh and clean scent, perfect for Summer Base notes of sandalwood, iris and amber Stylish in a beautiful tear shaped bottle.

•Crisp fragrance
•Artistic bottle
•Lasts for a longer period of time

•Applying mechanism is not entirely efficient as would expect

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