How to choose a good driving instructor and what to look for 2020

How to choose a good driving instructor?

Owning a car is easier than ever before these days. With so many vehicles on the road, it has also lead to an increase in the number of accidents that happen literally every passing minute. Learning to drive is essential and to do that you need professional help. If you are looking to find a good driving instructor then you need to look for some qualities like punctuality. Other qualities like certification, responsibility, confidence and the way he manages all his records are important too. How to choose a good driving instructor and what to look for?

Knowing how many of these and some more qualities are found in the driving instructor you are going for will lead you to a perfect match. An instructor who is both passionate and responsible and who can help you drive safely independently. They will help you pass that driving test so you can become a responsible driver.

Driving instructor ratings and best driving school reviews/recommendations.

How to choose a driving instructor is by asking around. The best way to find the right driving instructor is to go by recommendation of friends and relatives. Driving instructor ratings and best driving school reviews/recommendations need to be checked. Check the qualifications. Get a feel for their approach and speaking style. Don’t jump at the cheapest when choosing a good driving instructor. How many lessons do you require? Nation wide the average number of lessons required to pass the driving test is around 40 hours of professional instruction and 20 hours of private practice. The time it takes to pass will vary considerably from person to person. However choose a good driving instructor and who keeps a record of your lerssons. When looking for a driving school and during tuition, one of the things you need to consider is the trainer.

Driving Instructors Progress Reports for Professionals is a great way to record your progress.

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How to choose a good driving instructor and what makes a good driving instructor?

Qualities of a Good Driving Instructor:

We live in a world where distances no longer mean anything. Man kind achieved those feats that would have been considered impossible just a few generations ago. We have conquered the air by a flying metal bird that can go faster than the speed of sound and the sea by an even bigger floating piece of metal and wood that can cross oceans without even the slightest hitch.

How to choose a good driving instructor and the qualities of a good driving instructor.

The point is that you could plan to go across the seven seas and return back on the same day without the slightest difficulty or hassle. As Robert Brady once said “There can be no doubt that the transportation system is the most crucial sector of our economy”. Cars are the focal point of everyday travels. This is perhaps the reason they are the most common mode of transportation today. Being both affordable and easy to drive, the car has taken over the streets of the world. The number of these vehicles out on the street is constantly on the rise. While this fact may thrill some, it is worth noting that it is also leading to more and more accidents every day and some of them undoubtedly turn fatal.  We will discuss the qualities of a good driving instructor.

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What makes a good driving instructor?

So, if you want to get your car on the streets, you obviously need to properly learn how to drive. It is more than just brake and acceleration. Getting a driver’s license can be tough but not if you refer to go to a good driving instructor.  They will teach you from the root up. But that again, is not an easy task as there are many driving instructors out there. To find the good ones require a bit of patience and looking for some essential qualities. What these qualities are and why they are necessary in a good driving instructor, read on to find out. How to choose a good driving instructor ?

Certified driving instructor

Before you approach any instructor for driving lessons; you must ensure whether he or she is legally qualified or not? There are a few things that you can check for this. Firstly, he must have passed the theory assessment which every valid driving instructor must pass in order to get the license of teaching. Then he or she must have a National Police Certificate or Driving Standards Agency Certificate and have proof of their identity. Apart from that, they must have passed the practical driving test and have paid the relevant fees to do this job.

Knowledge driving instructors must have

The first and foremost thing that a good driving instructor must possess is knowledge of what he is doing and subsequently teaching. As they say that “Knowledge is Power”, so a good driving instructor must know everything about related to the rules and regulations. This knowledge he must transfer onto his student. The student must drive safely and pass the test without much difficulty.

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Responsible driving instructor

The next thing that a driving teacher must be is responsible. He must not take anything for granted and leave nothing to chance while preparing his pupil. He must think of it as a full time job which has no room for error. The slightest of slip ups can have huge consequences on the road. A good instructor must take the responsibility of teaching everything and making sure that his pupil is on the same page as he is.

Record of a student’s lesson in a comprehensive manner

A good instructor must have a record of a student’s lesson in a comprehensive manner. This will allow him to know where the pupil is strong and what his grey areas are then he can put more stress on those areas to ensure that his student is ready to deal with any sort of situation. Another advantage of keeping such a record is that since the human memory is not as reliable as a written note. With the written record the instructor would not have to remember everything as he may be teaching multiple students at the same time and remembering the progresses of multiple students can be quite difficult.

Important traits that a good instructor must have is patience.

One of the most important traits that a good instructor must have is patience. He must always remember that he is the teacher and is pupil cannot learn everything overnight. Like everything, driving takes time and practice to master so he must give his student his due space. He should avoid slip ups in the beginning as they are bound to happen. If the problem still persists, then he should consider revising his teaching technique instead and try to teach the student at a level of his understanding. These are some things on How to choose a good driving instructor.

Confidence in his own abilities

Confidence is key if you want to pass the driving test. Remember it is just a test and if you fail it, it won’t mean the end of the world so being confident from the get go is very important. If you are anxious or apprehensive, slip ups are bound to happen. The same goes for your driving instructor that he must be confident in his teaching. He must transfer that confidence onto his student by conducting a lot of mock driving tests and keeping a keen eye on the student. Congratulate and praise the student on the slightest new achievement so he may feel confident when he steps up for the real deal.

Punctuality is of paramount importance if you want to learn driving efficiently

Time is of paramount importance if you want to learn driving efficiently and quickly. A good driving instructor must always be punctual. He must remember that his student’s time is just as important as his is. A good instructor must always be on time and finish lessons at the allotted time and plan the lessons in such a way as it is at an easy pace for the student as well.

Communication Skills:

Good communication skills is another quality to look for in a good driving instructor. He must convey the information in such a way that it is understandable and easy to comprehend. A communication gap between the teacher and the student can lead to a lot of complications. It may lead to lesser understanding of the topics and rules. Therefore, a good instructor must try to explain the things with relevant real life examples to the student visualize the problems and find ways to overcome them.

How to choose a good driving instructor and what to look for?

As has been discussed there are some qualities which make some driving instructors stand out from the rest. If you are planning to learn how to drive, you need some professional help. There are hundreds of  good driving instructors or driving schools that are devoted to doing just that. However, keeping these points of what to look for when choosing a driving instructor. Further more, in view you can navigate the maze and get to some instructor that is better than the rest. He would be easy to work with on the long term.

Just remember that driving is no joke, when you are behind the wheel, you are responsible for the lives of all your passengers.  Together with those pedestrians who are around you. So drive safe and always abide by the traffic rules. These rules as are there for your own protection and the protection of others around you. Be careful on How to choose a good driving instructor.

Local driving instructors and local driving schools.

Approved driving instructors can choose to follow the ADI voluntary code of practice. For our advice about choosing your instructor read on to find out how easy it is. How to choose a good driving instructor and the perfect trainer. Finding and choosing a good driving instructor is not easy. What is it to look for, what to avoid and the questions to ask when first making contact. Ask a prospective driving instructor whether they are fully qualified or a trainee. A trainee should display a pink badge and a fully qualified will have a green badge. Find out the grade of the instructor. Look for an instructor with Grade A or B and ask them to see it. Most driving instructors will be local driving instructors and local driving schools.

So there you have it. How to choose a good driving instructor and what to look for

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