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Available options related to student accommodation

Living away from home can be difficult and even more difficult can be choosing the place you want to stay in. there are many options available out there for student accommodations. From on campus university halls to private halls. From renting the entire house or apartment to just getting a room on rent for yourself in some families’ home. This article will help you to decide what exactly works best for you as you plan your stay away from home. We have compiled a list of many available options related to student accommodation along with the pros and cons of all of them so you would know exactly what you are getting into when you decide on a place to live. Find university student accommodation.

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Leaving home is one of the biggest deals of our lives and how to Find university student accommodation

For many of us, leaving home is one of the biggest deals of our lives. Whether it be for the purpose of joining a university, college or for finding a job. The first time is not easy for anyone and the first few days or months can be quite difficult to negotiate. For the first time in your life, you feel completely alone and “exposed” to some extent. You have to do your own laundry, cook your own meals and do all the shopping yourself. While it may look exciting at first, you inevitably get the gut wrenching feeling of home sickness and start to miss your home and your people; as they say “Home is where the heart is”.

Though this may be a difficult time in anyone’s life, it is of paramount importance that you find the right place for yourself. In fact, finding a place where you feel comfortable is more than half the job done. All you have to do next is make yourself comfortable with the things, places and the people around you (if you have roommates). Of you are looking to move out of your house and into the “real world”, have a look at this article. It will give you a guide as to how you can choose a place to stay that you will feel most comfortable with.


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University halls accommodation

The first place on our list are the University halls themselves. As a rule of thumb, most universities try to house their freshmen on campus in such halls. Staying here gives you the ability to always stay on campus which ensures that you don’t miss any important activity or social event. This would also allow you to bond with you university fellows and provides a chance of socializing with others which becomes very important. But perhaps the biggest advantage of living in such a university hall is the fact that you will not need to waste time looking for a private flat, apartment or any private place especially in your first year of studies as you would typically want to get a good start to your academic career at the university.

Away from home for the first time in your life?

If you are staying away from home for the first time in your life, university halls should be your number one choice for staying. They provide a sense of freedom to some extent without having to worry about any bills or the landlords. And perhaps one of the biggest advantages of living on campus from the academic point of view is all the help you can get. With hundreds of students just a walk away from your place, you can easily approach anyone for guidance on a certain topic to better your own understanding. You can also approach your seniors for this as they will likely guide you better. The teachers and other faculty will also be in your reach during the university timings at least.

While they are the plus points of living in a university hall, there are some drawbacks to staying there as well. Well for starters, since you would be living in a hall, you would not have the leverage of choosing who you share your room or flat with. This can be a hit or a miss for anyone. The person you get stuck with may turn out to be your friend for life or he/she may be someone you can’t stand.

It may be too big, too small, and too noisy

Then there comes the issue of the actual accommodation itself, since you had no hand in choosing the place to stay, you may not find it to your liking at all. It may be too big, too small, and too noisy and what not but that is just part and parcel of living in a university hall and you have to let some things go to gain somethings. And while we are on the subject of noise, just be mindful! We mean a lot of noise! Living with your friends does not lead to the quietest of gatherings as you may have figured out. There is always plenty of noise around you and studying can become hard at times because of it. You have to change your life cycle literally if you want to study quietly. Some people prefer to sleep during the day and stay awake at night, essentially becoming “Night Owls” to get a quieter surrounding that helps them study.


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University private halls accommodation

The second option that you can turn to are Private student halls. They provide almost the same atmosphere as you will find in a university hall except for the fact that they are privately owned. They are mostly located just off campus or a couple of blocks away at most which also allows you to participate in all the social or academic activities on campus and lets you stay up to date with all the happenings in the university.

However, if you are considering this option, always run a background check on the place and get on touch with some people who are living there at the moment. They will be able to tell you all the pros and cons of the place and will help you in making a better decision. Also get to know what billing system they are following, what facilities they are providing to the students like sport area, services and Wi-Fi. The university you are attending is likely to have a list of such places that are linked to the university itself and may even have a partnership with the owners of these private rental places so getting in touch with the university authorities is also a good idea before making your decision.

Cost you more than living on campus at the university hall

Now we can look at the grey areas of living in such a place. First and foremost, living in such a place is definitely going to cost you more than living on campus at the university hall. You must factor in all the monthly bills that they will include along with the room rent. Extra billings like sports funds, Wi-Fi bill, electricity, gas and cable will add up and make a substantial difference so consider all of this before you decide to move in. Another drawback is the same one as you would experience living in a university hall, no choice of a roommate. You will typically not be allowed to choose your own roommate and the buddy you are paired up with can again be a hot or a miss. Then there is again the problem related to noise and the problems with studying. You are bound to get a noisy environment here as well which can drastically effect your studies. So be mindful of all these things before you decide to move in.


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University private accommodation

Another neat option that you can turn to is the option to choose your own place. There are many private apartments or houses that you can turn to for the need of accommodating yourself. There can be a number of reasons for this decision of yours. You may not find University halls attractive due to any reason like the mess, noise levels or not being able to live with someone you want to live with. Another common reason which forces students to go out and look for a private house of apartment is the fact that some universities simply cannot accommodate all of their students on campus which leaves some of the students to look for places of their own. Whatever be you reason, if you are going to live in a private flat or a private house, you may as well know the perks and the drawbacks that come with it.

Added freedom that comes with living in a privately owned residence

Looking on the bright side, the first difference that you will see is the added freedom that comes with living in a privately owned residence. It can be appealing as it gives you the freedom of choosing exactly where you want to live and with whom you want to live with. Also on top of that, since you are choosing your won place to stay, you are not restricted to a single place and you can look at different places before deciding on the one you deem perfect for yourself. All of these places will obviously have different facilities for their tenants and will provide different rates as well. You can choose the place of your liking that has all the facilities you want and is within your budgetary confinements. You will feel more independent and flexible if you choose to live in a private apartment or house.

Some of the issues with living privately owned residence

Now we can look at some of the issues with living in such a place, the first and foremost is of course related to the distances between the place you choose to live and your university campus. Looking for a private place can have a huge effect on your interaction with your fellows at the university. You may and will most likely find yourself outside the main campus which will definitely mean that you will miss out on a lot of seminars or social gatherings.

The next thing is your budget. If you are living on your won for the first time then it is vital that you keep a keen eye on your budget and you will definitely need to manage the amount of money you spend as you will have bills to pay at the start of every month along with the room rent. Another thing that you will have to deal with are the landlords or the real estate agents that own the place. They would not exactly be thrilled of you damage anything or cause any problem while you stay there. So try not to cause any damage to anything otherwise you will have to deal with such difficulties while you live there.


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University private house accommodation

So you have spent the first year of your university life on campus in a university hall but now it is time to move out because universities usually try to keep the new comers or the freshmen on campus meaning that you have to clear out space for them. You can put an application to the authorities to allow you to stay in the halls still, but that would mean sharing your rooms with the freshmen while all your friends and the people of your batch would be heading out to find places of their own. So, instead of staying at the campus, you and your group of friends decide to do something else. Instead of opting for a single bed at any apartment or a house, you decide to get the whole thing!

More preferably a 3 bedroom house

An apartment but more preferably a 3 bedroom house with a living area and a kitchen to boast of. Though this may be a splendid idea, you first have to look for such a place that is both not too far from the university campus and is both affordable. This would help you on a number of levels, for starter, you would not have to look for a place to live alone meaning that if your friends are also on board with it then you will be able to find a place more quickly. Then you will not be needing to meet new people again instead you will be living with your own group fellows which would be a total blast as well!

Advantages to getting a full house

Well apart from the fun factor in this, there are actually a lot more advantages to getting a full house instead of just a single bed if you are looking to go to the private sector. Firstly, since you would be living together, there would be a great help in your studies. Staying with your friends will help you engaging in and tackling study related issues together and will eventually help you improving your grades. Another thing is that it will help you with socializing, you will essentially be a family and the time you spend together would be a memorable one. After university trips, tours and going to shopping together would definitely gel your relations with each other. Other than that, since you guys are sharing the place, it would not be a huge burden on your individual selves monetarily. The rent of the place can be divided and shared which would take that burden off your shoulders.

Too close to friends may not be the best arrangement

Of course the downside to such an arrangement is also the fact that such accommodations can be costly and are not that easy to find. Also the fact that you will be living with your friends all the time would make it difficult for you to get some privacy. Also, it would still present the same noise problem that you would find in any university hall. With all your friends around, things can get quite loud all the time and that can also backfire on you and your studies. Just remember that owning such a place is like walking on a tight rope. You have to keep a balance otherwise you will fall!


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University private homeshare accommodation

Perhaps the most less considered option. Renting a room in a private house is not what you would expect going into a university to spend the life on your own. That being said if you do decide to live in with a family at their place, there are a few perks that do come with it. For starters, seeing as how it is their personal home, you would expect it to be in top shape all through the year. They would want everything to be in order and would be keen on fixing any damage done to anything. Also cleanliness would also be something that they would be quite keen on. You would want you to keep your place clean as well. They may put in the three meals a day at their table with some extra money of course but you would still be getting the god, hygienic home cooked food even away from your home.

You can expect some curfews

However, looking at the other side of the picture, since you are living under someone else’s roof it also means that their rules also apply which can take away that sense of freedom from you. You can expect some curfews as well as making it difficult for you to have your friends over. So, despite having a family to live with, you can find yourself lonely sometimes which can be a bad thing.


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Living away from home can be enjoyable

As we have seen, there are many places that you can find to stay once you put your mind into it. Living away from home can be enjoyable, especially if you are doing it for the first time in your life. Having a read through this article will help you in finding the perfect place to stay along with all the positives and negatives associated with all the options. At the end of the day, the choice is all yours how you want to live and what sort of lifestyle suits you the best.

If you are an outgoing person who loves to socialize then consider the on campus university halls, like your freedom, then private halls are for you and if you are a sort of introvert by nature and are looking to stay at a place where you can spend the days in peace and quiet then consider living with a family as a private tenant. Life is full of difficulties but it is how we face them that molds us into a better person and you must take the opportunity of living away from home with both hands as you will definitely learn a lot of things, things that you would never have hoped to learn while you were at your home living with your family. Best of luck with your home searching and your studies!.

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