Diabetes caused by poor diet? 2020

What is diabetes?

Basically, diabetes is the condition where the sugar level in the blood gets too high. It comes from the food we eat and is called glucose. Glucose is formed and stored inside the body and believe it or not, it is the main fuel behind our energy. It is what gives us the energy to walk and talk. Well, look at it in this way. If we have diabetes, our body cannot use the sugar in our blood as the fuel that we need to function properly. Diabetes caused by poor diet

Diabetes caused by poor diet?

Now you might be wondering why exactly the sugar levels in our blood even fluctuate? Well, that is a very good question. And usually there are two reasons behind high blood sugar. It either happens when the body cannot make enough insulin or when the insulin doesn’t work properly. So what is insulin? Insulin is the hormone that helps to carry the glucose from the bloodstream to the body cells where it can be stored or used as energy. Therefore, high blood sugar resulting from lack of insulin in the body is referred to as type 1 diabetes, while the other is the called type 2. Diabetes caused by poor diet.

Diabetes caused by poor diet blood sugar primeproductshubWhat are the symptoms?

Now that we have a better idea of what diabetes is, how can we tell if we do have it or not? Obviously, the blood sugar levels are a downright giveaway. At least, that is the case for type 1 diabetes where the symptoms materialize faster than type 2. In the span of a week or so, we could be a type 1 diabetic, and if we are lucky it might take its time-say a month or two. On the other hand, speaking of type 2 diabetes, it is somewhat of a challenge to notice its signs. The warning signs, even the fluctuation of blood sugar levels can be so mild, that they can easily be missed. In fact, some people don’t even suspect anything until it takes a toll on them in the long-term!

Hunger and fatigue and Diabetes caused by poor diet

However, there are a few symptoms that both types of diabetes have in common. Earlier, we learnt that the body converts the food we eat into glucose and uses it as energy. But here is the catch; cells need insulin to bring the glucose in. And as a diabetic, the body isn’t making enough or any insulin. Without the insulin the glucose cannot make it into the cells, and this is the reason why diabetic people get tired easily and are hungry often. So hunger and fatigue tops the list.

Urinating more often

And it isn’t only hunger and fatigue that strikes the diabetic often; another common symptom is visiting the bathroom more often and being thirstier. While an average person usually visits the bathroom four to seven times in a day, diabetic people go a lot more. This is because with the blood sugar levels so high, the body is naturally inclined to balance itself out. And it will do so by trying to get rid of the extra bit through urine. And of course, since this is more frequent, we get thirsty.

When we drink more, we naturally will also urinate more

When we drink more, we naturally will also urinate more; so it is more like a cycle than anything. Urinating and drinking more often leads to a dry mouth and itchy skin. Because our body is losing fluids, there is less moisture for other things. We get dehydrated easily, and our mouth may feel dry. Dry skin will make us itchy.

Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is another sign that we should be on the lookout for. With sugar levels building up in our blood and not having enough insulin to break it down, will have as much an adverse effect on our eyes as it will have on every other part of your body. The reason behind why our vision may become blurry is mostly because of the fluid leaking into the lens of our eye, which makes the lens swell and change shape. As a result of these changes, it becomes hard for our eyes to focus.

Weight lose and Diabetes caused by poor diet

The above mentioned were some signs that both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can carry. However, there are some other type 1 symptoms which we need to be aware of. You will notice that you might be losing weight even if you have not changed your eating pattern. This is mainly because since the interference of high blood sugar is hindering the body from making energy, the body must find an alternative. So, unable to get energy from your food, it will start burning fat for energy instead, causing us to lose some weight. Moreover, once our body resorts to burning fat, it releases a by-product called ‘Ketones’ which accumulates in the blood. High levels of Ketones are toxic, and may even turn into a life-threatening complication called Ketoacidosis.

Yeast Infections and numbness

On the other hand, those with type 2 diabetes are prone to yeast infections. Yeasts feeds on glucose and that is something that diabetic people have plenty in their bodies. Both men and women might get these infections, which usually grows in any warm, moist fold of skin.  Like between the fingers and toes, and the groin area, etc. Other than yeast infections, slow healing wounds are a matter of concern, and so is pain or numbness in your feet or legs.

What to do and how to control it?

People with diabetes do have increased risk of serious health complications, all of which could lead to premature death. Having too much sugar in the blood over a long period can cause serious problems. Problems such as vision loss, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, amputation of legs, etc. Despite the rare cases where medicine alone helped to cure diabetes, it remains mostly a life-long condition. This requires rigorous diet schemes and physical activities to keep under control.

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How do we control diabetes?

Well, whether we are diabetic or a prediabetic, the answer is a diet and lifestyle change. Take diabetes seriously and live a healthy life. And by a healthy life it means two aspects that we must keep in mind at all times; eating well and being active. (extract from Diabetes. Blood Sugar Control)

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