Cheap all inclusive holidays to Tenerife

Cheap Holiday Packages to Tenerife

If you are planning a trip to the Canary Islands, Tenerife is your best bet. Being the most populated island of the lot as well as being the biggest. Tenerife is home to some amazing tourist attractions. Going there is quite easy as well. The island hosts two separate airports. Helps to keep the airflow going all through the day, every day for the entire year. Cheap all inclusive holidays to Tenerife


Many websites and travel agents are giving their packages for visitors that include a return flight ticket. Stay at the destined hotels with breakfasts included. They are quite cheap and generally do not cost more than 500 dollars if you are travelling alone. Slightly higher if you are going with some companions. All in all, Tenerife is a beautiful place that you should definitely put on your places to visit list. Take someone with you to enhance the trip even further. Take a look at this article to help you get the best out of your deals and trip.

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The “Canary Islands” are a set of seven distinct islands

The “Canary Islands” are a set of seven distinct islands that are a part of the Kingdom of Spain. One of these islands is the rather famous Tenerife. It is worth mentioning that this is the biggest one of the lot with a total area of around 2,034 square kilometers. It also holds the majority of the population of the Canary Islands (over 40 percent ). Not only that, it is estimated that every year, more than 5 million tourists visit Tenerife Island. Tenerife is one of the most important tourist destinations not only in Spain but also the world. The island also hosts two major airports.  Making getting in and out of the island quite easy and affordable. Hundreds of flights landing and taking off of the two airports on the daily basis. Its self a great sight.

You can get in touch with the ever loving locals here, get bewildered by its amazing landscapes and sceneries and get amazed by its fascinating cultural background and rich history.


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Temperature in Tenerife in October

Tenerife is also famously known as “Island if Eternal Spring”. It is fair to say that it does complete justice to that title indeed. The climate is just perfectly pleasant all through the year, neither too cold that you start to shiver nor too hot that you start dripping streams of sweat. The temperature is around 26-28°C in summer and 20-22°C in the winter.

This temperature is one of the reasons that Tenerife is packed with tourists all around the year. If you are looking to plan a visit to the island so rich in cultural heritage; but are on a budget. Then you can consider giving this article a read before you plan as it will help you to get the most out of your trip by securing the most reasonable packages. This will help you in making this trip a memorable one for you. You can book flights and hotels directly with secure airlines and national hotels at low prices.

Flight from anywhere in Europe to Tenerife

Though the months of summer (April to October) are by far what you consider the “Peak” months. In the other months you can expect a cheap flight and cheap reservations at hotels around the winter times. A standard package would definitely include a return ticket from your location, the total night stays that you would be spending in Tenerife along with the breakfast on all of those days. All other things including the other two meals, transportation, tours and guides will be covered at your own expense. A typical flight from anywhere in Europe would cost you less than 100 dollars.

Cheap all inclusive hotels in Tenerife

If you are looking for a package however which would generally cost you less than going for each deal individually you can consider many online travel agent websites that are offering their trips to that part of the world. The prices obviously vary owing to the different services that would be provided to you but the range is generally between 350 dollars to about 600 dollars at the most extreme. This is if you are going on a trip alone but if you intend to take someone along, then the price would obviously go up.

Great Hotels “H10 Tenerife Playa”, “Sol Puerto Playa”, and “Hotel Weare La Paz”.

Then there are a lot of hotels to choose from. Some of the most renowned ones that are linked to online travel agents include “H10 Tenerife Playa”, “Sol Puerto Playa”, “Sol Parque San Antonio” and “Hotel Weare La Paz”. Though these hotels provide different facilities for their guests, they are all highly recommended not only by the travel agents but actual people who have been there by an online rating system which they top. Some of the facilities that are common in all of these along with many other good hotels that you can find all across Tenerife are:

Free Wi-Fi
Air Conditioning
Cable or Satellite TV
Ironing of Clothes

Along with these there are other facilities which you can avail at your own expense. Other facilities like a children’s play area, a kids club for your children to engage them in healthy and positive activities. Activities such as wall climbing, swimming and also boosting their self-confidence. Taking it a step further we have the facilities that are not only restricted to children but can be availed by the entire family.

A spa and a gym are also available in a lot of the hotels

Feeling too hot, why not go for a leisurely swim in one of the many pools available in the hotels. They range from indoor pools, outdoor pools to heated swimming pools for taking a dip in the colder months of winter. Feel like working out, hit the fitness center with a gym and places for doing aerobic exercises. Why not indulge yourself in calming yoga sessions that replenish both the mind and the body.

Water sports are also available on demand at the nearby beaches if the beach is with in close vicinity. A spa is also available in a lot of the hotels with a steamy embrace that would make you forget all your worries of the world. A masseuse will also accompany you to help you relax and enjoy your trip without any unwanted and unnecessary tensions. Finally, you can also entertain yourself with a friendly game of tennis.  The tennis courts are provided within the vicinity of the hotel. All of these and much much more are available for the cheapest rates. So what are you waiting for? Why delay your trip? Pack your bags and hop on a plane to Tenerife to witness the ultimate combination of nature’s beauty and man’s innovation.


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 The “Teide National Park” is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island

And while you are planning a trip to Tenerife, it is no good to stay indoors all day at your hotel. Get out in the sun and do some sightseeing. That would remain with you even after you are done with your trip. The “Teide National Park” is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. It is a 10 acre park with a volcano peak right in the middle. The mountain rises to 3,718 meters and is hence. The highest peak on the island.

Cable cars will hoist you up to a height for a breath taking and mesmerizing panoramic view of all your surroundings. Then perhaps visit the exact opposite of mountains, the sea. In all its glory and grandeur. In the waters between the Tenerife Island and its neighbours swim hundreds of whales and dolphins. Your trip just won’t be complete before you take to the water. Watch these magnificent creations of nature in their natural habitat.


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Going there is quite easy. The island hosts two separate airports to keep the airflow going all through the day, every day for the entire year. Many websites and travel agents are giving their packages for visitors that include a return flight ticket and you can do it yourself and save more.

Cheap all inclusive holidays to Tenerife

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