9 Cheap Caribbean destinations and vacations to escape to

Introducing the 9 Cheap Caribbean destinations and vacations to escape to….

Well known places for tourism is the Caribbean

One of the most well known places for tourism is the Caribbean. This article will help you and guide you on your trip there. We have complied a list of nine most famous and easily accessible Caribbean nation islands.  Each host a unique experience for the travellers. Though this list may not cover all the tourist attractions available there you can be sure of having the time of your lives. The islands are not only full of natural beauty like glistening beaches. Added are amazing rock formations, thick jungles and spectacular cave systems. Also host expensive resorts and hotels which make your visit even more luxurious and worthwhile. This guide will help you in going to some amazing places and experiencing emotions of happiness, pleasure and jubilation.

There are over 440 islands in the world

Our world we live on is divided into 7 large chunks of land that we call our seven continents. Out of these seven, five are connected to at least one other continent leaving the other two, namely Antarctica and Australia as the only two “Islandic Continents”; meaning they do not share a land border with any other continent. This makes them unique in ways more than one. For starters, it makes them the only two islands on the planet that have the distinction of being continents as well! While we are on the subject of islands it is worth noting that there are over 440 islands in the world.

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West Indies is a much larger nation with the Caribbean Islands part of it

The Caribbean islands makes up for 28 of them. Though some people confuse the Caribbean with the West Indies, it is not true that they are one and the same. West Indies is a much larger nation with the Caribbean Islands part of it. This really is a mesmerizingly beautiful part of the world. Home to amazing people, beautiful sun sets and thousands of beaches. The waves that crash the shores of the Caribbean are also any surfer’s paradise and make for some beautiful scenes throughout the year. If you are planning a visit to any foreign nation then consider the Caribbean in your list if you want to have a trip of a lifetime. So without further ado, here is a list of the top 9 places to visit on your trip to the Caribbean:


Jamaica photo prime products hub 9 Cheap Caribbean destinations and vacations to escape to

7 mile beach Jamaica with many resorts

Jamaica is the fourth largest of the Caribbean Islands in terms of land area as it has an area of about 10,990 km2. It also has a dense population of around 2.8 million people. When it comes to the things you can do at your visit there, there are more than you can count so make sure to plan a long visit if you want to visit everything and do everything Jamaica has to offer. Some of the major tourist attractions are described below.

Most widely toured places in Jamaica is the “Seven Mile Beach”

One of the most widely toured places in Jamaica is the “Seven Mile Beach”; which, as the name suggests, is a long stretch a beach about seven miles long. It is highly suggest you take a trip to this beautiful place to see the sea in all its glory. Not only that, while you are there, consider taking a boat to the nearby “Booby Boy Island”. It is a small island just of the coast and would not take long to reach. Once there, you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon while you feast on the most delicious grilled lobster that would leave you craving for more.

The “Glistening Waters” is an area of ocean near “Falmouth”

Another of the spectacular views in Jamaica is sadly one the most less publicized one but trust us it is definitely worth a visit. The “Glistening Waters” is an area of ocean near “Falmouth”. Take a five minute boat ride to the sea after dark and observe the miraculous phenomenon of Bioluminescence in all its grandeur. As you ride the waves on your boat you will observe the waves behind you turning to a bright green and blue glow as they boat breaks the water ahead. But that is not even the fun part! Take a dip in the water for an amazing experience for when you come out of the water, you yourself would be leaving a glow in your wake.


trinidad-prime products hub 9 Cheap Caribbean destinations and vacations to escape to

Maracas beach Trinidad and Tobago

Officially known as the “Republic of Trinidad and Tobago” this is a twin island country part of the Caribbean. The nation has a lion’s share when it comes to wildlife and is one of the most biodiverse nations of the Caribbean. It is home to more than 400 species of birds alone and some of them endangered as well. Along with those, it also houses over 100 species of mammals roaming the twin islands.

40 minutes from the Port of Spain

Arguably the most famous but definitely the most widely visited beach of Trinidad and Tobago is the “Maracas Bay”. At a drive of about 40 minutes from the Port of Spain would take you to the beach where a scenic view awaits you with palm trees, the rich golden sand and the clear body of crystal clear blue water. But that is only part of the package, the 40 minute drive has charms of its own. With scenic views of rainforests, mountains and the open sea the drive is very beautiful in itself.

“Little Tobago Island”

Moving on, to express that inner hiker and traveler in you, we recommend a visit to “Little Tobago Island”, a small island located just off the coast that is still uninhabited and acts as a natural bird sanctuary to the majority of the 400 species that reside on the islands. The island is full of trails and tracks that you can follow while exploring and making your way to the top of the island for a truly breathtaking view. Another adventure would be the boat ride to the island itself! As the locals use glass bottomed boats that give a crystal clear view of the coral reefs located below the surface of the water. It will be the boat ride of a life time.


beach-bahamas prime products hub 9 Cheap Caribbean destinations and vacations to escape to

Long Island Bahamas tourist attractions

Encompassing a total of 470,000km2, the Bahamas are perhaps the most famous of the Caribbean islands and are the closest to the U.S mainland as well. It is a widely known fact that Bahamas was the first site of Columbus’ landfall that eventually led to his discovery the piece of land we know today as the American Continent. Hence this place also has a bit of history about it to go along with the marvelous beauty.

80 miles long to be accurate with the width of about 4 miles

Talking about the places to visit. Perhaps the most famous of the tourist attractions is “Long Island”. As the name suggests, the island is more long than wide, almost 80 miles long to be accurate with the width of about 4 miles. The island is heavy with contrast to say the least; with sandy beaches and clear sunshine west coast and rocky cliffs on the east. It really is a paradise for fishers, divers and boaters as well as hikers and off road bikers. As far as the entrance to the island is concerned, it is only available by air or across the sea on a ferry. One of the well-known attractions on the island is not on the island at all!

The “Dean’s Blue Hole” and the “Atlantis Resort”

The “Dean’s Blue Hole” lays just off the coast and is the second deepest salt water hole of the world with a depth of 202 meters. Other places to visit include the “Atlantis Resort”. A 141 acre complex complete with underwater slides, restaurants and more than 20 pools. The resort also keeps live fish for visitors to entertain themselves with; including hammerhead sharks. You can also choose to stay overnight in one of their underwater rooms and see fishes swim about as you stay there.


bermuda-prime products hub 9 Cheap Caribbean destinations and vacations to escape to

Top rated Bermuda tourist attractions

Made infamous by the “Bermuda Triangle” that has been linked to various suspicious activities including the disappearances of ships and airplanes for seemingly unknown reasons, Bermuda is an island of the east shore of the U.S.A and is part of the Caribbean Islands. The capital of the island is Hamilton and on the whole, it covers an area of about 53.3 square kilometers. There are a total of 118 islands that make up the whole of the island.

The Bermuda cabinet building, Anglican Cathedral and St. Paul’s church

Talking of the places you can visit, there are plenty that Bermuda has to offer however some of the most prominent attractions are described here. The first place on your “to visit” list should be the capital city of Hamilton. Bing the commercial and the cultural heart of the country, it is home to Bermuda’s best shopping plazas, hotels and museums. While you are on the tour of the city, a visit to the Bermuda cabinet building, Anglican Cathedral and St. Paul’s church are a must as they all date from the 1800s and are at the heart of the nation’s history.

“Crystal Fantasy Waves”.

Moving over to some of the natural wonders that await the visitors, you must visit the “Crystal Fantasy Waves”. Venturing about 37 meters below the surface of the earth, visitors are treated to some impressive crystal formations. Walkways guide tourists through the twisting caves as they feast their eyes on beautiful stalactites and stalagmites while a state of the art lighting system add to the natural beauty of the caves and allow it to be explored at night under the artificial lighting.


st-george-grenada prime products hub 9 Cheap Caribbean destinations and vacations to escape to

Grenada points of interest

Located on the Trinidad and Tobago, Granada is a comparatively small island nation with a collection of 7 islands including the capital also named Granada. Despite its small size of about 344 square kilometers, Granada is one of the biggest exporters of spices. The island is rich in nutmeg and mace crops and their exports makes up for the financial backbone of the island nation. Because of this high percentage of spice production, it is nicknamed as “The Island of Spice”.

Grand Anse Beach, one of the most famous beaches

Though the island has beautiful towns and cities which are worth the visit like St. Georges and Carenage, it will be a good idea to visit the natural wonders that Granada has to offer on your trip to the nation. The top spot on that list is taken by Grand Anse Beach, one of the most famous beaches of the country and arguably the most beautiful. Visitors flock to this 3 kilometer strip of golden sand as it meets the blue ocean. The waters of the sea constantly shift colors between turquoise and royal blue while offering calm waves good for a swim.

 Annandale fall Centre

Further inland lies the 10 meter high Annandale water. The short trail that leads up to the starts at Annandale fall Centre and ends at the falls themselves where the water drops into pool tucked in tropical foliage. You can swim in the pool as well as take the 10 meter leap from the top of the fall. Changing rooms are also available for the convenience of visitors. Another of the great attractions at Grenada is the “Underwater Sculpture Park” which lies just outside the west coast of Grenada. Created by artist Jason de Caires Taylor, the underwater sculptures are of life sized figures as well as petroglyphs. You can watch them as a boat sails over them but we highly recommend taking a dive to watch and admire these statues up close.


Cuba photo prime products hub 9 Cheap Caribbean destinations and vacations to escape to

Cuba tourist attraction

Known for the production of the world renowned and world famous Cuban Cigar!. Cuba is a sovereign state that is located in northern Caribbean.  Meets at the point where the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean join. It is big island with an area of about 109,884 square kilometres. It is also very populated with a population of over 11 million people.

The main attractions being “Plaza de la Catedral” and  the “Camera Obscura”

If you are looking to peek into the history of Cuba and see how life would have looked like about 200 years ago then.  Consider spending at least one day in the city of Old Havana. Officially a UNESCO world heritage site, the city has many places to visit. The main attractions being “Plaza de la Catedral”.  Which is a home to the Cuban Baroque; and the military fortress “Castillo de la Real Fuerza”.

Also within the city lies the “camera obscura” with a high 35 meter tower to give a panoramic view of the city. Then consider hitting the beach as Cuba is known for having beautiful beaches indeed. One of the best Cuba has to offer is without a doubt “Playa Paraíso”.  Which literally means “Paradise Beach”. Sitting on the beautiful island of “Cayo Largo del Sur”. The beach is also accompanied by a few tourist attractions and many hotels for travellers.


Barbado photo prime products hub 9 Cheap Caribbean destinations and vacations to escape to

Barbados must see attractions

A sovereign island country lying in the Lesser Antilles, Barbados is a relatively small Caribbean state.  About 23 kilometers in width and 34 kilometers in length.  Forming an area of around 432 kilometers square. It also hosts a population of more than 2.5 million. But that doesn’t mean that the small size of Barbados has any effect on its beauty. Quite the contrary. Barbados is one of the most well-developed of the Caribbean islands and arguably the most beautiful. A trip to the Caribbean must always include Barbados.  If you are looking for a quite memorable trip.

 Crane Beach leading the pack

Like all its sister Caribbean islands, Barbados is also rich when it comes to beaches with Crane Beach leading the pack with the most visitors annually however there is also the “Bathsheba”, a quite village just off the shore that is a centre point for tourists due to the mysterious rock formations that lie at Bathsheba beach also known as the soup bowl. The rocks stand at the beach formed due to thousands of years of water eroding the natural coral reefs and look like giant mushrooms growing from the sands.

“Harrison’s Cave” and the  “Folkestone Marine Park”

Another must visit place on your trip to Barbados has to be “Harrison’s Cave”. A crystallized limestone cave system, the cavern is him to beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. With beautiful artificial lighting in the cave itself, the visitors are treated to a beautiful sight indeed. Another of Barbados’ unique tourist attractions is the “Folkestone Marine Park” which is just off the shore of Holetown. It has an artificial reef formed by deliberately sinking a freight ship in 1967. Resting 120 feet beneath the surface of water, the “Stavronikita” is teeming with coral reefs and fish that have long since claimed the wreck. Visitors can dive to the ship and see the miracle for themselves.


Puerto Rico photo prime products hub 9 Cheap Caribbean destinations and vacations to escape to Puerto Rico tourist attractions

Officially known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The island is located off the eastern coast of the United State. It was claimed for the Kingdom of Spain by Christopher Columbus in 1493. The island currently has a population of about 3.5 million. Boasts a rich history, tropical climate and diverse natural scenery which make it a tourist hotspot all around the year.

Reaching out to the “El Yunque National Forest”

While you are on a visit, consider reaching out to the “El Yunque National Forest”. Watch the lush beauty of Puerto Rico in all its glory and grandeur. Home to the only tropical rainforest system in the entire of the U.S.  This forest has a considerably cooler temperature and is quite wet all across the year. It is home to about 240 species of plants and quite an abundance of natural wildlife. If you are looking to hit the waves and want a little extra with just surfing.  Then Puerto Rico has just the right place for you. The waters of “Rincon” are excellent for surfing due to their smooth waves all around the year.  However the punch comes when you add humpback whales to the mixture! The prime seasons for whale watching are mid-January to March.  These trips are quite easily arranged in town.


Dominican photo prime products hub 9 Cheap Caribbean destinations and vacations to escape to

Tourist spots in Dominican Republic

The second largest of the Caribbean Islands, Dominican Republic is home to a population of around 10.4 million. It is a tourist hotspot al around the year. It is also the 9th largest economy in Latin America. Overall, has the strongest economy in the Caribbean. It is also the most widely visited destination in the Caribbean in terms of annual visitors.

Most famous places is the “Punta Cana”

When it comes to tourist attractions, there are obviously many places that one can visit on his trip. One of the most famous places is the “Punta Cana”. Located on the eastern tip of the country, this large town is rich when it comes to beautiful beaches. Amazing resorts and world class golf courses. Moving on there is the “Samana Bay” which is a paradise for marine life of all sorts.  Including the giant humpback whales.

Also parallel to the bay is a huge wildlife park with a variety of land animals and unique rock formations awaiting the visitors. The island is also home to “Salto El Limon” waterfall. This is also worth the visit. Another place worth the visit is the “Basilica of our Lady”. An old church with a lot of history and culture that is one of the finest examples of modern religious architecture.


All of these places and many more make the Caribbean a place to surely include in your next travel plan. Being there gives the sense of calmness and closeness to nature that you cannot find in any modern hustling and bustling city. So take up this opportunity to explore this part of the earth for a truly wonderful experience. Getting to these places need not cost the earth with cheap flights and hotels, which you can book on your own.

9 Cheap Caribbean destinations and vacations to escape to

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